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Depression is a term used for low mood in which the person loses interest in certain activities which usually bring joy to others. This is one of the symptoms of mood disorders. This depression is usually for a short period of time. It is due to reaction of some events of the life. One can understand this if some students fail to get through in Medical or Engineering competitive examination or someone is very hopeful of getting through of such competitive examination which is career oriented like IAS, Bank Pos, etc. But fail to get through and such failure brings unhappiness and low mood. Such depression is usually recovered within a short period of time. But if this persists in someone for a longer period then treatment is definitely required.

Effect of COVID -19 : During the period of Covid -19, lock-down was followed throughout the world. Several Companies, Big or Small Industries were closed and their employees lost their jobs. Several business persons lost their business and growth. Survival during this period was a great challenge and was too difficult. It definitely brought lots of anxieties among people-which ultimately lead to the loss of hope and the resultant effect is low mood or depression. Sometimes due feeling of dejection and hopelessness - caused suicidal tendency among the sufferers.

HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT: Homoeopathic treatment is the best option for such low mood or depression. In this treatment, every individual sufferer is treated individually as every individual has individual problems and understanding towards the events of the life. Due to this variations, the reaction exhibited by sufferers on the similar situation, are different. Homoeopathic Physicians identify the cause of low mood or Depression and type of reaction exhibited by the individual persons. After understanding the facts medicine is prescribed. Homoeopathic treatment is safe and has no side effect if the treatment is taken by the advice of qualified and Experienced Homoeopathic Physicians.

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