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Asthma is a syndrome characterized by airflow obstruction that varies markedly, both spontaneously and with treatment. Asthmatics harbor a special type of inflammation in the airways that makes them more responsive than non-asthmatics to a wide range of triggers, leading to excessive narrowing with consequent reduced airflow and symptomatic wheezing and dyspnoea. Narrowing of the airways is usually reversible, but in some patients with chronic asthma there may be an element of irreversible airflow obstruction. The increasing global prevalence of asthma, the large burden it now imposes on patients, and the high health care costs have led to extensive research into its mechanisms and treatment.

There are number of factors which can cause asthma. Basically they are divided into two group endogenous factor and Environmental factors. In endogenous we have genetic predisposition and in environmental several allergens may trigger and produce breathlessness.

Role of Homoeopathic treatment in Asthma

One of the best treatment plans for Asthma is Homeopathic treatment. The Homoeopathic medicine has no side effect if it is taken under the advice of qualified and Experienced physician. It is safe to use and does not produce any other suffering.

Homoeopathy is based on the principle “Similia similibus curentur” which means let likes be treated by likes. It implies that in Homeopathy similar medicine is given to the patient which produces artificial disease, slight stronger than the natural disease. Under the influence of Artificial disease the natural disease vanishes and shortly the effect of medicine also get exhausted leaving the person healthy free from sickeness.

To select a similar medicine the patient is to be individualized first. Hence the person interested to get the treatment through Homoeopathic system requires to give detail as given in case –taking format

You should fill case-taking format and send back to us and medicine will be sent to the patient.

Disease/Condition Asthma

First month cost (Including Packing, Posting, forwarding to your address) Rs.600/- (Rupees six hundred only)

Medicine for Two months (Including Packing, Posting, forwarding to your address) Rs.1000/= (Rupees one thousand only )

Medicine for three months (Including Packing, Posting, forwarding to your address) Rs.1250/= (Rupees twelve hundred fifty only)


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