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Breast Tumour - Fibroadenoma

It is very much common in young girls usually at adolescent age that they find some nodule in one breast or in both. It may be painful or painless. It may be firm or soft. It may also be found in the married women and even at the late ages up to 30 – 40 Years.

Finding a nodule or tumour in breast produces lots of anxiety not only the sufferers but the entire family whether it is cancerous. FNAC – can reveal that the tumour is benign and not malignant hence – fibroadenoma. Mammography may also be done to rule out any seriousness.

The exact cause is unknown but basically linked with female hormonal disbalances.

Role of Homoeopathic treatment in Breast tumour/ Fibroadenoma

One of the best treatment plans for Breast tumour/ Fibroadenoma is Homeopathic treatment. The Homoeopathic medicine has no side effect if it is taken under the advice of qualified Homoeopathic physician. It is safe to use and does not produce any other suffering.

Homoeopathic treatment aims at who is the person behind sickness – hence the patient is individualized first then the suitable Homoeopathic medicine is selected for the person suffering from the disease – this holistic approach cures the patient rapidly, gently and permanently without any side effect.

If your are unable to visit at our Clinic you can order medicine after getting connected with Doctor (9334139866) You should fill case-taking format and send back to us and medicine will be sent to the patient.

Case –taking format (download)

Cost of treatment

Treatment plan

Breast Tumour - Fibroadenoma

First month cost (Including Packing, Posting, forwarding to your address)

Rs.500/- (Rupees five hundred only)

For Two months (Including Packing, Posting, forwarding to your address)

Rs.900/= (Rupees Nine hundred only)

All together for three months medicine (Including Packing, Posting, forwarding to your address)

Rs.1200/= (Rupees one thousand two hundred only)

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