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Hemorrhoid / piles

The modern life style is a leading factor to develop numerous diseases. Among them “Haemorrhoids” is one of the commonest diseases which keep on torturing the mankind.

Principal predisposing cause of the Haemorrhoids which is also known as “Piles” seems to be the position of the haemorrhoidal veins, as the lowest branches of the abdominal vessels, and in their want of valves to sustain of blood in its course towards the vena porta. When a retardation or stagnation by some means or other in this backward moving column takes place. It is obvious that its whole weight must press downwards upon its lowest branches, overfilling and dilating them. Such retardation of the refluent – stream of blood may arise from different conditions like a gravid uterus or any tumour within the abdominal cavity or from the diseases of liver which obstruct the vena porta or from the diseases of the lungs or heart or using too much wine, coffee, tea or leading a sedentary life.

Now a days there are many jobs apart from the previous sedentary occupations in which persons are forced to lead a sedentary life, like the job in call Centers, the jobs as Computer programmers, etc. and also the jobs of Sales representatives who keep on traveling from place to place, are forced to sit during traveling many hours a day regularly, also have irregular diet and spicy food along with beverages.

Internal piles arise from internal haemorrhoidal venous plexus. Constipation and straining at stool aggravates piles as does pelvic venous congestion and pelvic filling in pregnancy. Blood flow is obstructed by increased pressure between faecal mass and the anal sphincters. Venous congestion occurs and plexus become engorged by inflow from arterial supply. Haemorrhoidal enlargement occurs and surface epithelium may show squamous metaplasia.

Symptomatic classification is as follows:-

(a) Only bleeding -- First degree

(b) Prolepses but reducible -- Second degree

(c) Prolapsed, not reducible— Third degree

Role of Homoeopathic treatment in Haemorrhoids/Piles

One of the best treatment plans for Haemorrhoids/ piles is Homeopathic treatment. In Homoeopathic System of medicine we have several Homoeopathic medicine which if given on the basis of the totality of the Symptoms the disease can be eradicated safely The Homoeopathic medicine has no side effect if it is taken under the advice of qualified physician. It is safe to use and does not produce any other suffering

Homoeopathy is based on the principle “Similia similibus curentur” which means let likes be treated by likes. It implies that in Homeopathy similar medicine is given to the patient which produces artificial disease, slight stronger than the natural disease. Under the influence of Artificial disease the natural disease vanishes and shortly the effect of medicine also get exhausted leaving the person healthy free from sickens.

Treatment plan


First month cost (Including Packing, Posting, forwarding to your address) Rs.800/- (Rupees Eight hundred only)

For Two months (Including Packing, Posting, forwarding to your address) Rs.1400/= (Rupees One thousand four hundred only)

For Three months (Including Packing, Posting, forwarding to your address) Rs.1800/= (Rupees one thousand eight hundred only)

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